Decommission and Recovery

Even properly maintained IT equipment deteriorates.

As stakeholders know, there is more to simply removing old equipment from the premises. The logistics of data security, migration of data and physical removal of assets need to be expertly and responsibly undertaken.

Remarketing IT’s decommissioning and recovery services improve the overall life cycle of IT assets by maximising equipment maintainability, performance and energy conservation while lowering operational and maintenance costs.

Upon the customer’s acceptance of written recommendations, our engineers will carefully commence the decommissioning and recover process, ensuring high quality handling of equipment and working quickly and efficiently to minimise disruptions to operations during working hours.

All equipment destined for removal is disposed of in full compliance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE ) Regulations.

Decommissioning and recovery management are critical for many reasons and the benefits are many, enabling businesses to accurately assess IT assets, while identifying how the operational, efficiency and functionality of those assets are meeting the needs of the business.

Decommissioning and recovery measures equipment performance; helps achieve optimal performance of systems; is a quality assurance process that provides a strategic plan to ensure proper maintenance; and finally, it provides documentation and proof that businesses are complying with WEEE Regulations and other government policies on protecting the environment.

It makes sense. By taking the proper steps to reduce IT waste in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner, businesses can reap the financial and social benefits.

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