Equipment Residual Valuation

Knowing what you have is useful information, but knowing what it’s worth is good business.

Most IT equipment have value, whether by intelligent reuse to prolong its life cycle or broken down into various components for recycling. Remarketing IT will evaluate your technology assets and provide a valuation report based on current market trends.

Our comprehensive valuation report will give your business a greater understanding of its IT investment, current trade and depreciation values, making it easier to manage as well as budget for future IT investments.

Remarketing IT utilize an extensive network of global partners to gain an indicative second user price for end-of-life data centre equipment.

What to expect

1. Budgetary control (IT equipment reuse projects or new IT purchases)

2. End of life market

3. Valuation rationale based on current market trends

4. Comprehensive asset valuation report

5. Detailed evaluation reports are prepared, and provided to the customer within five working days; and are based on a full and detailed inventory performed on customers IT assets.

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