Secure Data Destruction

  • absolute peace of mind

  • on-site risk assessment

  • 100% removal of your data - right in front of your eyes.


Protecting data is a top priority for business. When disposing of old IT equipment, businesses must take steps to remove all confidential information from hard drives and other storage devices. Simple file deletion or reformatting does not delete data contained on these devices; it merely removes the tag pointing to the whereabouts of the data, making it easy to relocate with basic and easily accessible software.

Remarketing IT conducts an initial site survey in order to produce a detailed report of all IT equipment that store data, as well as provide risk assessment recommendations and technical requirements. For all permanent data erasures, we use Blancco Data Cleaner (BDC)*.

Finally, we submit a full audit of every data bearing device erased, providing our clients with certification of the data removal. The hard drives are then reusable for safe remarketing.

Our solution guarantees 100% secure cleaning of the hard drive and supports 2 of the most recognized international erasure standards including the U.S DOD 5220.22-M and HMG Infosec No. 5.

*The Blancco Data Cleaner (BDC) provides clients with a government approved on-site data deletion service in line with CESG Infosec Standard 5, U.S. DOD 5220.22-M and HMG Infosec No. 5. BDC is the only fully approved Infosec Data Erasure solution. Data erased made by BDC is unrecoverable using existing technology and is 100% secure for purging and erasing to the highest security requirements, including “Secret” and “Top Secret” classified material. BDC is the preferred choice of Military, Defence, Police and Banking Organizations around the world.

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