WEEE Compliant Recycling

Remarketing IT is fully compliant with all relevant Government regulations concerning the disposal of electronic equipment.

Eventually, IT equipment needs replacing and unfortunately, an unaccountable number of e-waste continues to end up in landfills. WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is the fastest growing steam in the UK; in 2007-2010, 22,618,088 tonnes of non-household WEEE were collected by Producer Compliance Schemes and members.

Remarketing IT aims to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic equipment going to landfill by encouraging increased refurbishment, re-use and finally safe disposal. We are fully knowledgeable of Government regulations concerning the disposal of electronic equipment, helping to ensure that businesses are fully compliant with WEEE Regulations.

Our working processes and proven expertise in WEEE Recycling provide customers with peace of mind that all IT equipment are handled correctly and disposed of legally without the risk of unethical practices such as land filling or fly tipping, with a full audit trail that can be examined and proven from consignment down to item level.

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